About the Inter-ACE

Our Goals

The main goals of the Inter-ACE Programme are:

  • Attract new students to cyber security
  • Help them build a network of personal connections
  • Develop new training materials for undergraduate teaching of security

The long-term objective of the the Inter-ACE is not merely to reward excellence in cyber security, but to build a new generation of skilled cyber defenders. An important goal is to get the competitors to mingle and build friendships with their like-minded colleagues so that, in ten years’ time, they’ll already know the CISOs and national security experts who attended top universities at the same time as then.


Qualifying Universities

The Inter-ACE competition is open to teams of students studying at any of the fourteen Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). Plus, for the first time in 2018, eight universities which offer NCSC Certified Degrees and three universities which performed strongly at the ACE-CSR assessment panel, are also invited to send teams.


ACE Universities Contact New in 2018! Contact
Queen’s University Belfast Dr Paul Miller University of Bradford Dr Andrea Cullen
University of Birmingham Andreea-Ina Radu Cranfield University Dr Ruth Massie
University of Bristol Dr Daniel Page De Montford University Dr Ali Al-Bayatti
University of Cambridge Prof Frank Stajano Edinburgh Napier University Prof Bill Buchanan
University of Edinburgh Prof David Aspinall Kingston University London Dr Eckhard Pfluegel
Lancaster University Joseph Gardiner Oxford Brookes University Dr Faye Mitchell
Imperial College London Prof Emil Lupu University of South Wales Prof Andrew Blyth
University College London Gianluca Stringhini University of York Dr Radu Calinescu
Royal Holloway, University of London Dr Lorenzo Cavallaro
Newcastle University Thomas Gross Cardiff University Dr Pete Burnap
University of Oxford Prof Andrew Martin University of Kent Thomas Sloan
University of Southampton Prof Vladimiro Sassone Northumbria University Dr Lynne Coventry
University of Surrey Dr Francois Dupressoir
University of Warwick Prof Carsten Maple

If you are a student at one of these universities and would like information about taking part in the Inter-ACE, please use your university’s in-house directory to contact the person listed.