Aad’s Army
University:University of Newcastle
Year:PhD & BSc

Please introduce the team members including the courses that you are currently studying?
Kacper: BSc Student – Computer Science (Stage 1)
Roberto: PhD Student – Formal Verification in Cryptography
Raffaello: PhD Student – Security of IoT Sensors
Peter: PhD Student – Modelling Influencing Attackers

Are any of you currently considering cybersecurity as a career? If so, what area?
Raff: Freelancing in Network/Web Penetration testing
Peter: Assurance/Risk/Cyber Incident Response/Human Behaviour in Security
Kacper: Neuroinformatics in Cyber Security
Roberto: Cyber Security Researcher

What CTFs have you competed in before?
First timers!

What are you looking forward to most at Inter-ACE?
Experience/networking and capturing that flag, oh and of course Fun!

How do you think more people could be attracted to cybersecurity as a career?
Show our achievements, people tend to see the bad side of cybersecurity (i.e. press/media).