Gorilla Grodd
C2C , Inter-ACE
University:University of Birmingham
Year:PhD, MSci & BSc
Course:Computer Science

Please introduce the team members including the courses that you are currently studying?

Maria - MSci Computer Science

Alexander - BSc Computer Science

Sebastian - PhD Computer Science

Andreea - PhD Computer Science


Are any of you currently considering cybersecurity as a career? If so, what area?

Pentesting, academia

What CTFs have you competed in before?

Inter-ACE, C2C, Hack.lu, TuCTF

What are you looking forward to most at Inter-ACE?

Testing our skills against the best students in the UK

How do you think more people could be attracted to a career in cybersecurity?

Introduce students to cybersec early in their degrees and encourage them to participate in competitions such as Inter-ACE. Also, support student initiatives to create societies or clubs related to ethical hacking.