Jacob – Belfast
C2C , Inter-ACE
University:Queen's University Belfast
Year:1st year PhD Research Student
Course:Software Defined Network Forensics

What was your reason for joining the C2C?

I just finished my MSc Cyber Security at Queen’s University Belfast. I have been competing in a lot of CTFs as a way of revising and increasing the skills taught during the course. While competing in the Inter-ACE competition at Cambridge earlier in the year I found out about C2C, going by how much fun InterAce was I definitely had to take part.

What other CTFs have you competed in?

QUB Internal qualifier for InterAce
AppSec EU University Challenge (2nd Place)

In addition to these, I try to take part in as many online CTFs as I can find time for, too many to list here! (CTFtime.org, Team: CultOfTheDeadCarrot).

What would you like to do in the future?

I have just started my PhD, so for now that is taking up most of my focus and will probably continue to do so for the next few years! It’s hard to say exactly what I’ll do once that is over, but I’m open to any good opportunities that present themselves.