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University:Lancaster University
Course:Cyber Security

Please introduce your team members including the courses that you are currently studying?
Yvonne - MSc Cyber Security
Ollie - MSc Cyber Security
Sean - MSc Cyber Security
Rohan - MSc Cyber Security

Are any of you currently considering cybersecurity as a career? If so, what area?
Yes, we all are. We are interested in penetration testing, threat intelligence, blue teams, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).

What CTFs have you competed in before?
This will be our first CTF!

What are you looking forward to most at Inter-ACE?
Since this is our first CTF, we are looking forward to honing our abilities, learning new skills, and seeing how well we compete.

How do you think more people could be attracted to a career in cybersecurity?
That is a good question, and we honestly aren't sure. Perhaps, simply exposure to cyber security is the answer because it is an interesting topic, as is. We were all exposed to cyber security in undergraduate lectures, and that led us to pursue it further.