Row Hammer
University:University College London
Course:Information Security & Mathematical Computation

Please introduce the team members including the courses that you are currently studying?
Lizhou MSc Information Security
Sebastian MSc Information Security
Stephen MSc Information Security
Maxine MEng Mathematical Computation

Are any of you currently considering cybersecurity as a career? If so, what area?
Lizhou: Yes
Sebastian: I’m currently pursuing a career in cybersecurity with aims of becoming a security consultant and acquire initial experience in a corporate environment. My ultimate goal is to have a career as a security expert in a corporate environment.
Maxine: Considering PHD study
Stephen: Yes

What CTFs have you competed in before?
Sebastian Toscano: Deloitte’s 2018 CTF
Stephen: Deloitte’s 2018 CTF

What are you looking forward to most at Inter-ACE?
Lizhou: Get experience on detecting and solving security bugs.
Sebastian: Build up experience through security related challenges and meet other security enthusiasts.
Stephen: Looking forward to taking on the challenges, honing skills set and meeting other students.
Maxine: Building CTF experience

How do you think more people could be attracted to cybersecurity as a career?
Through events like CTFs with attractive rewards for young students.