C2C , Inter-ACE
University:University of Surrey
Year:MSc & BSc
Course:Information Security/Systems & Computer Science

Please introduce the team members including the courses that you are currently studying?
Sebastian C: MSc Information Security
Sebastian V: MSc Information Systems
Danai: BSc Computer Science
Hashim: MSc Information Security

Are any of you currently considering cybersecurity as a career? If so, what area?
Sebastian C: Yes, interested in most aspects of cybersecurity, especially pen testing.
Sebastian V: Yes, in Penetration Testing and general Red Team
Danai: Yes, I am considering cybersecurity as a career, perhaps a red team penetration tester, however, I like to keep all my options open!
Hashim: Yes. Open to all new opportunities to learn. Particularly interested in IoT security and ICS.

What CTFs have you competed in before?
Sebastian C: This is my first one.
Sebastian V: C2C
Danai: Inter-ACE 2017, C2C 2017
Hashim: This is my first.

What are you looking forward to most at Inter-ACE?
Sebastian C: Seeing what cyber competitions are like, learning a lot about cybersecurity and improving my skills.
Sebastian V: The competition challenges and the community
Danai: I like to spend my free time doing cyber-challenges, but working as a team to complete one is far more fun. You get the opportunity to learn so much more and the networking experience is priceless!
Hashim: Looking forward to trying practical challenges, meeting like-minded people and learning.

How do you think more people could be attracted to cybersecurity as a career?
Sebastian C: Improving the computing/cybersecurity image in popular culture. Have more awareness of what computing actually is. Bring computing to schools as a compulsory subject (whilst making it fun and accessible).
Sebastian V: I think more people could be attracted through better awareness of its importance and how rewarding a career in this field could be.
Danai: More people should be exposed to computing, as its one of the skills required for acquiring a career in cybersecurity. Perhaps by including compulsory computing lessons at school?
Hashim: Make computing accessible to all groups and start learning from a young age